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russian universities
russian universities
russian universities
  Message from Director - Cultural Section of Russian Embassy - Ms. Anastasia V. Khokhlova
russian universities The Russian centre in Colombo was established in 1973 with the intention of strengthening cultural ties between Russia and Sri Lanka. Over a period of 39 years it has done an immense amount to achieve this purpose. In recent years in particular, the Russian Cultural Centre has been serving the people of Sri Lanka by organizing many educational and cultural events.
Education is a key factor that binds Russia and Sri Lanka. Many Sri Lankan students choose to obtain their degree from Russian Universities.
With the fact in mind the Russian Centre in Colombo has been collaborating with the Russian Educational Centre on many events such
as Educational Seminars, workshops and scholarship programs,to provide more and better opportunities for Sri Lankan students to complete their higher education in Russia. We are proud to note that the REC is the sole representative in Sri Lanka for Kursk State Medical University and Tver State Medical Academy. We hope that this collaboration which has been going on over the years will pave more opportunities for us to serve Sri Lanka better and bring local students closer to Russia.
To be the best Russian Educational provider in Asia.
To promote and support the strategic development of Russian education in Sri Lanka, by introducing quality Doctors, Engineers, and professionals with Easy Payment Terms and Affordable Fee Structures.
russian universities
  Message from Director - Dr. Lasantha Amarakoon - Director, Russian Educational Centre (REC) - Sri Lanka
russian universities Dear Students,
Russian Educational Centre, specializing in providing advice and guidance on Russian higher education for students, We believe in providing the best possible Russian education solutions for our students depending on their skills, competencies and personal circumstances. We are proud to announce that we have been appointed as the sole agent for KURSK and TVER Sate Medical Universities and we are affiliated to the Cultural Section of the Russian Embassy in Sri Lanka. Students can now make their dream of becoming a Doctor, Engineer a reality by contacting us.
Most students want to follow a Prestigious and Professional Degree in a career of their choice, thus ensuring a highly respectable job assurance and prosperous future.
It is for this reason that most students strive to be Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Pilots etc, but for a developing country like Sri Lanka, higher education facilities are very limited for the above mentioned professionals, due to the lack of facilities and high competition.
Russian Educational Centre offers students the opportunity to pursue these professional degrees in English medium in World prestigious Universities at affordable and easy payment schemes.
For the placement of students to Russian Universities, Russian Educational Centre (REC), under the umbrella of the Russian Cultural Centre of the Russian Embassy, for the past 15 years has been sending students to prestigious Universities in Russia.  We help hundreds of students every year to pursue higher education in Russia and we are motivated by our core values of knowledge experience and our ethics in the educational field. Keeping in mind the needs of such students, we have designed our processes in a manner that every single task starting from admission to visa to making travel arrangements is smooth and hassle free. 
Under the supervision of these foreign universities, Russian Educational Centre has already commenced totally free courses introductory courses in Medicine and Languages, in Sri Lanka. To pursue and make your dream a reality, contact Russian Educational Centre today and apply through our Online Application for further details.
russian universities russian universities  
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